Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iPhone spy app no download needed on target iPhone set up under 35 seconds!

Do you need an iphone spy app where you need not to download the software on the target iPhone?  Get the latest technology here!

iPhone spy app no download needed on target iPhone set up under 35 seconds!


•    Do you want to spy on an iPhone?
•    You don’t have physical access to the phone?
•    Do you want to know almost anything about the phone user?

Cell tracker is the advance technology in the spy software industry.  If have been searching the internet you will find spy apps that needed to be downloaded to the target phone.  There is no way to install spy app remotely!  Through Cell tracker remote installation is now a reality!

Which situation you can use Cell tracker?

•    Cell tracker can be used in checking on your spouse.  If you think he’s cheating on you, then this could be your silent detective hiding on his cell phone.

•    If you think that your kids are not doing well in their school or are secretly using prohibited drugs, just tap this software for your easy monitoring and fast remedy to children problems.

•    If you suspect that your business partner is doing backdoor deals, then you might consider this software.  You can use it to check if any of your employees are slacking during business hours too!

How it works?

First you need to install the software on your cell phone.  You don’t need to download an app to your target phone.  Even your target phone cannot be access physically you can still spy on them.  Unlike its competitors, you must have the target phone on your palm in order to install the spy program.  Next you need to make phone call.  This time you must make a 30secs call without answering from the target phone.  This will ensure pairing between your phone and the target phone.  Finally you will receive an alert whenever a phone call was made or a text messages were send or received.

What will you know from the target phone?

•    Access to SMS - allows you to read incoming and outgoing text messages.
•    Bugging device - allows you to listen to live phone conversations.
•    Email logging – lets you read incoming and outgoing email messages
•    Location tracking - allows you to find the exact location of the phone through GPS monitoring.
•    Phonebook access – lets you check the names and phone numbers stored on the phone memory.

This software is your solution for spying if you have no physical access to the phone you want to spy! To learn more visit:  Cell tracker now or you can start on spying download now!

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This might open a different kind of problems though – between you and your partner, that is. Or with this phone detective, you will know those people your kids are calling when you are not around the house.
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