Monday, August 20, 2012

iPhone 4s cydia location tracker – Find the phone user wherever he maybe!

Tracking iPhone 4s using cydia and pinpoint its location is never been easy.  Thanks to this tracker software that lets us monitor the phone real-time location!

iPhone 4s cydia location tracker


  •     Did you misplace your iPhone 4s?
  •   Is your iPhone 4s robbed
  •  Do you want to know the location of the iPhone 4s user?
Using a specialized cell phone location tracking software you can track your phone location in an instant.  Yes this software is designed to report to you the phone history location.  This gives you the idea the phone whereabouts throughout the day.  Also aside from the said features you can specify some reports like the specifying boundaries or place where the phone shouldn’t be phone.  You can trace the phone in a map as it move from one place to another.  This includes the date and time to check when the phone was during a certain period of time.

To use this tracking software you must first register and subscribe to their service.  After registration you will receive a download link from your email.  Using your cell phone browser download and use the provided information on how to install the software.  It will take you more or less 20 minutes to run this software.  Log in now to your online account using your username and password created earlier.  Now you will receive a report from a time interval you set up earlier.

This software is very useful in so many ways.  If you happen to misplace your phone, just log in to your account and check the phone location.  Instead of wasting your time looking for the phone where you unintentionally forget and in a blink of an eye you will know if you forget your phone in your home or in the birthday party where you attended.  This software is also handy if you want to check your kids and see where they have been.  You can setup reports of places where the phone user should be for example bars or hangout where you don’t want your kids to go.  This is also great for tracking their location especially if you want to check if they are really attending their school.

Another useful application this software is enjoying by its customers by tracking the phone if it was robbed.  This software allows you to recover the phone.  You can easily track the phone location real time location and apprehend the offender through the help of police.

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