Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to get stealthgenie mobile spy software in cydia?

Do you want to get the stealthgenie mobile spy cydia software?  Get it here.  Let me show you too the power of this spy software.

get stealthgenie mobile spy software in cydia


•    What is stealthgenie?
•    How it works?
•    Where can I get it?

Stealthgenie is the most advance spy software in the market.  It made its software the best as it constantly updates its program to the ever updating mobile OS.  It supports the latest android OS, iPhone iOS, iPad, Blackberry, Symbian etc.
To make it work you must install it on your target phone provided that you own it or have consent to the cell phone owner.  For iPhone and iPad you must jailbreak the phone prior to installation.  Once installed the software works in the background.  It is stealth in nature and unnoticed from the phone user. 

Using StealthGenie cell phone spy software you will be able to monitor the phone user round the clock.  The program immediately uploads the information directly to your online secure account.  This includes the SMS send and received.  You will know every text messages coming in and out of the phone, cell phone numbers, dates, time and names attach to it the phone memory.  SMS is the easiest way to communicate and if there is a way to track your kids this is a good start.

Cell phone calls is another vital piece of information you want to know.  Using this mobile spy software you will be able to know every phone call.  You will know the target phone in contact for the last 24 hrs.  If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you then software comes handy.  You will know every suspicious name he always calls.  The time and date it happened and the names attach to it in the phone memory.  This is a great tool also for monitoring your employees.  Through its advanced technology you can listen to live calls, surroundings and even record conversations.  This allows you to check the loyalty of your employees and find out if there’s any mole send by your business competitors within your organization.  You will know if any of your employees are doing backdoor deals behind your back.

To get stealthgenie mobile spy software you must first register here.  Immediately after registration you will receive the download link from the email you provided in the registration together with the detailed instructions on how to install it.  Using your target phone browse to the download link, download and proceed to installation.  Handover to the person you want monitor and you are good to go.

StealthGenie is your all in one solution tracking and monitoring your family members and employees.
There are more features I have not yet mentioned here to learn more visit:  StealthGenie or Download here the software you’ve been looking for.   

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