Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to spy on Jailbroken iPhone?

Follow my step by step tutorial on how to spy on jailbroken iPhone.  Easy and straight forward even without proper schooling you can do it!

how to spy on jailbroken iphone

You are in the right track.

•    First step in spying on jailbroken iPhone is to register first to a website that provides monitoring services.  I highly recommend Spybubble register here
•    After registration you need to have physical access to the phone you want to spy.
•     Hold now the phone and go to the download link you received after registration.
•     Proceed to installation and follow the onscreen instructions.
•    Handover the phone to any of your family members or your employees you want to spy.

Spying on jailbroken iPhone is very important.  It is not intended to compromise one’s life but it is for the sole purpose of helping people like you to provide security to property or for your family.  You can also use it so many ways.  First you can use it to spy or track to see if they are really telling the truth.  You can use it too if you want to know the exact location of the phone user.  You will know if you are the only woman your boyfriend has or you are just one of his play things.

If you suffer from memory loss, you can use the spy software on your jailbroken iPhone.  Now this is intended not to spy on you but to logs all your phone activities for you to remember.  This software is great for recording the entire phone usage.  It so powerful that it can even recover deleted text messages!  If you forgot the agenda of your online meeting, you can check the logs and see for yourself all the chat messages send and received from the phone.

Here is additional video tutorial to spy on jailbroken iPhone.  Check it here.

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