Wednesday, June 27, 2012

iPhone app to track phone numbers cydia

A cydia iphone app to track phone numbers is what you need if you are eager to find the cell phone number and the person itself who own the mobile.

iPhone app to track phone numbers cydia


•    Do you want to know the cell phone number your husband is calling in the middle of the night?
•    Do you want to know the person owns the number?
•    Do you want to hear or record their conversation?

If you want to know the person who is calling by your husband on the other line then this could help you.  You can use it to in taking care of your family members especially your teenager daughter because you don’t want her to become a teenager mother.  If you suspect your employee leaking high profile company information then this could be your answer.

I highly recommend StealthGenie.  This software has great features you would love to use.  Using it you can retrieve remotely without the person knowing, the cell phone numbers logged in the owners cell phone.  Yes it works like a spy.  It is equivalent to hiring a private investigator but is a cheaper solution.

Do you wonder how this amazing software works?  First you must register to access the gathered information from the target phone.  Register here.  After registration you need to have physical access to the mobile you want to track.  Now, using the phone browser go to the download page.  Download the spy software and proceed to the installation.  Follow on screen instructions.  Finally, handover the cell phone to any of your family members perhaps your teenage daughter or your cheating spouse.

Using this cydia iphone app you can track the cell phone numbers by logging to the account you created earlier during your registration.  It includes the cell phone numbers called and the numbers who called the phone’s user.  You will know the date and time calls occurred.  Also, you will know the name of the person who owns the cell phone numbers.  In this way you will have a better idea if you are cheated by your husband or he’s just calling his boss for a very important project to finish tomorrow.  You will know if your daughter is dating scumbag boy who will ruin her future.   This is great also for spying on your employees.  You will know if they are using their phone calling privileges for business purposes instead of personal use.  You will minimize phone bills which will help in adding funds to your business.  You can even listen to ongoing phone calls.  By setting up this feature in your account you can listen to live calls and record them if you really want to get the evidence you need!

StealtGenie is great for tracking on the iPhone cell phone numbers!  There many great features may want use. 

Visit:  Stealth Genie or Download now!

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This is very helpful iphone app if anyone want to know about any unknown call that received in his completely acts as spy program in phone.

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