Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cydia spy photo apps – secretly view pictures of a cell phone under spy

Cydia spy photo apps are like a dream come true for those who want to spy like James Bond.  Using this application you can secretly view pictures of a cell phone under spy.  Find out how.

cydia spy photo apps


•    Do you want to know the friends of your kids by looking out of the pictures taken by their cell phones?
•    Do you want to know if the pictures taken by your employee at the site are real?
•    Do you want to see the face of the other woman of your boyfriend?

Day by day you are worried.  You want to make it sure that your precious kids are safe and out of trouble.  One of the ways to do that is to know who their friends are.  To know their friends you will gain peace of mind if you see that there are hanging out with good people.

Employee at site must provide pictures of their latest job.  They will mail it to you or they will print it and bring the photos at the office.  Are you sure that pictures are real or fabricated?  Why? It is because they are wasting their time at the coffee bar instead of taking care of your business.  You must know so you track every task to be done by your employees.

Lately your boyfriend is cold with you.  He brings chocolates when he visits you.  When dating, he buys flowers for you.  When going home he kiss goodbye to you.  But now, he changed.  Don’t you think that he has another woman or you are just being suspicious?  Check the photos taken by his phone secretly and find out if your instinct is correct!

All of these problems can be solve by using cydia spy photo application.  Mobile spy app is a good one.  It can track all the pictures taken by the phone 24 / 7.

Mobile spy software is an application that you need to install on the phone you want to spy.  Installation is easy.  First you must register to mobile spy website.  After registration you will receive a link where to download the app.  Hold now the phone you want to spy and go to the download link.  After you download proceed to installation.  It will take more or less five minutes.  Finally handover the phone to the person you want to spy.  The application works silently at the background.  No additional process can be found at the system of the phone, no sound, no beep and no additional icon.  Only you will know that it is there.
Log in to the mobile spy website and see the photos taken by the phone.

Mobile spy features

Photo and Video monitoring – You can view all the pictures and watch the videos recorded by the phone.  Together with the photos and videos are information of the date and time it was taken.  It is great for tracking your employee’s performance at the site. 

•    Great for authenticating photos and videos of your employees at the site
•    You can see now what kind of kids your children are hanging out.
•    You can see the pictures of the other woman you boyfriend with.

End those sleepless nights thinking your partner is cheating on you.  Keep your kids safe.  Protect your business.  Mobile spy software app will make a difference in your life.

Visit Mobilespy or Download now!

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