Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to spy thru cydia?

Here is a quick way to spy thru cydia spy software.  You will know how you can use each feature in spying cydia phone.

spy thru cydia

Spying anyone using their cydia phone is fast and easy.  So what can you spy through cydia software.

  •  Do you want to find the exact location of the person using the phone?
  •  Do you want to read the messages coming in and out of the cydia phone?
  • Do you want to know the URL visited by the cell phone?
  • Do you want to view and watch every photos and videos?
  • Do you want to read the numbers saved in the phone book?
  • Do you want to know every numbers calling the target phone and every phone number called by the target phone?

Those are a lot of questions and you are wondering how can you spy on all of it? Easy, all you need is cydia spy software to monitor or track any mobile phone.  Mobile spy is an application that can do all of it.

  •     First you need to subscribe for the service.  Go here to subscribe now.  If you need to learn more about the product go here.       
  •      Next you need to download and install it on the phone you want to spy.  It will take you more or less five minutes to completely install it.  May I remind you that you must install the spyware on the phone that is your property?   Mobile spy run in the background and the user won’t notice a single changed on the phone.  It is totally stealth and there’s no way they can determine if a spy ware is installed on the phone.
  •      After installation, you can easily monitor all the information saved in a computer where you can access by logging in your username and password provided to you by the mobile spy software.

Spying thru cydia spy software is easy all you need is Mobile spy software!

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