Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mobile spy - Blackberry Spy apps

You can download the Mobile spy for Blackberry spy apps here.  See here if your phone is supported and find out how you can spy on these devices.

MobileSpy - Mobile Spy for BlackBerry devices can track the following activities Text messages, Call logs,  GPS locations, Contact lists, Photos & Videos (taken by the phone),  Primary E-mail inbox, Calendar EventsTasks & Memos, Cell ID locations and SMS Command Capability (Mobile Spy v.5.0 only). 

As of today Mobile Spy is currently compatible with the following BlackBerry OS version(s) , ,,,

Mobile Spy has released version 5.0 for BlackBerry devices! This new update includes New LIVE Control Panel, Email Log Delivery and SMS Command Capability.

Supported devices are:

8100 Pearl   
8110 Pearl   
8120 Pearl   
8130 Pearl   
8220 Pearl Flip

8230 Pearl Flip   
8300 Curve   
8310 Curve   
8320 Curve   
8330 Curve

8350i Curve   
8520 Curve   
8530 Curve   
8700c Electron   
8700f Electron

8700g Electron   
8700r Electron   
8703e Electron   
8705g Electron   
8707g Electron

8707h Electron   
8707v Electron   

8900 Curve   
9000 Bold   
9100 Pearl   
9300 Curve

9500 Storm   
9520 Storm 2   
9530 Storm   
9550 Storm 2   
9630 Tour

9650 Bold   
9670 Style   
9700 Bold   
9780 Bold   

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