Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cydia Spy

There are many apps in the cydia store.  Just like the apps in the appstore, these apps enhance your iPhone experience.  Of all of these apps you are interested in cydia spy, but what are these cydia spy apps?

Spying on cydia iPhone is much better than an iPhone with no jailbreak.  Application from the app-store are great but it is not as powerful as cydia app.  To use cydia application you must have a jailbroken iPhone.

What are the benefits of using cydia spy?

Spy apps is built with security in mind.  It was made specially first for the big 3 (CIA, FBI, and KGB) group to gather information from any national treat or security breach. Now, it readily available for us consumer to use these cydia spy application.  It has many ways where you  can use these app.  You could catch cheating boyfriends / girlfriends partner you are into.  You monitor and tell if your husband of wife your beloved is telling the truth. You as parents can also utilize this app to have a better eye of your children.  For instance, if the phone was lost or stolen, its location can easily be known to the owner. There are a lot of probabilities that spy apps can save a person’s relationship or even their lives.

How these cydia apps spy gather information?

There are many ways you can collect evidence from iPhone,iPod or iPad.  Apple devices is so advance that it has many features you could use.  Aside from the traditional call and text messaging,  you can take a nice and crisp pictures.  You can record videos.  You can find your exact location thru its GPS built-in technology.  You could browse the internet since it could connect to the network using its 3G or WIFI connection.  Now, using all the features above we can spy on each of it using spyware.

Cydia spy software allows us to read text messages both incoming and outgoing messages,  we can listen to live calls and record it for future use.  We could read chat messages, see which URL they are browsing.  You can all monitor the exact location of the phone user.  You can playback recorded videos.  There are so many possibilities on how you can get information using spy apps.

Where you could find these Cydia spy apps?

Just go here: iPhone cydia apps to see these spy apps.  Each application has many similarities and many differences.  See which app you would like to use.

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