Friday, March 9, 2012

Cydia Spy Camera

If you are looking for a nice tweak where you could take pictures in stealth mode just like spy then these Cydia spy camera is what you need.

For whatever reason you want to take pictures of anyone without their permissions. I hope you use it for good purpose.  Cydia spy app for  camera lets you take pictures without any hint from the subject.  You can hide the camera application and put a nice application in front of your screen.  You can pretend you are browsing the internet but in fact you are taking pictures of the subject.  You only need to do some fine tuning in your iPhone settings.  Flash and sound must be turn off.  To activate the camera mode you only need to make some special signal to your phone.  Example two tap on the screen put the camera in the standby mode and another tap is take pictures.  No signs of and no sounds will be made that's what make it stealth.

If you are looking for these apps here are they.

Spybubble - Advance spy camera cydia that lets you logged every photos taken by your iPhone or iPad.  It also allows you to playback recorded videos.  This is stealth in nature that you install on your target phone to get the evidence you want from his SMS, calls, internet messages, emails etc.

Stealth Cam - Who does not want to take pictures in spy way, devious on their iPhone? Stealth Cam is a iPhone hack that is available in the Cydia Store for $ 0.99, which lets you take pictures and videos while your iPhone is locked, or asleep - with the screen off.

After installing Stealth Cam, all you have to do is open your regular iOS, and choose if you want to be in camera mode or video, then lock or put your iPhone to sleep. When you switch on your "secret" stealth image or take a video, simply press a volume button on the side of your iPhone. Simple as that!

 SpyPic and SneakyPix are two decent application. They are great to use when you are in public and see something (like an overweight redneck sitting on a bench with a cigarette in one hand and dragging her stomach under her shirt ... great for people to Walmart!)

Spypic is better to hide the screen and only takes pictures when you press it. SneakyPix keeps taking pictures at any interval you set, but does not hide the screen. With either, be sure to set the phone in silent mode, or the sound of the shutter is released.

Secret agent camera (v1.0) -  Screen goes blank.  It is not blank the screen as such, but it is far from clear to see this, it is just black, but it leaves a light gray with dark bar at the top that is almost invisible and a small pixel in the lower left show the device is ready or savings. loan and saving green is red. Every time you touch the screen, it saves your file pictures normal, with no other change than that pixel.  Touch the screen takes and take pictures.

Take note all of the applications will work if you have a jailbroken iPhone.

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