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Cydia sms spy apps reviews

Today  I will differentiate every cydia sms spy apps in this reviews.  I hope at the end of this reviews you will be able to choose the right sms spy apps for your spying needs.

These are not arranged according to popularity.  It is up to you which spy apps you want to use.

Why do you want to use it?

  • Do you want to know who's your employee exchanging sms message?
  • Do you want to know who's your boyfriend texting?
  • Do you want to know who's your kids texting?
  • Do you want to protect your business
  • You do not want another breakup?
  • Do you want to protect your kids?
All of the questions above are now can be answered, using these sms spy apps.  See which software below you would like to use.

Cydia sms spy apps reviews

Mobilespy - Using this cydia spy app, you will be able to logged every text message even if the phone's logs are deleted.  You will be able to read incoming and outgoing SMS in full text.  Aside from SMS logging you will be able to track phone calls, the location of the mobile using gps, view pictures, playback videos recorded.  It also allows you to lock wipe device memory in case the phone is stolen or lost but in additional cost.
Price starts at 49.97USD/3mos. Best buy -99.99USD/yr
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Cydia sms spy apps reviews

Mobistealth - After you install this cydia text messaging spy application, Mobistealth secretly sends all incoming and outgoing text message to your user account. It allows you to monitor every URL visited by the phone.  You can see call history.  You can spy on the contacts save from the phone book.  You can also monitor the location of the phone using GPS or even phone without GPS can be track as well.
Price starts at 39.99 USD/3mos.  Best buy 89.99USD/yr
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Cydia sms spy apps reviews

Spybubble - You can read any text message that was sent by or received from the phone. The SMS are logged into your SpyBubble account as they are generated, so you can read them EVEN IF the holder of the phone erases them. You can also spy on call, you can access phone-book access, monitor location, logged every email,  see the url visited, and view photos.  You can spy on unlimited number of phones!
This is a one time registration only. You only have to pay a minimum amount with out any extra additional fees.
Price 49.95 USD
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Cydia sms spy apps reviews

Spyera software basic  - Using this text message cydia spy apps you can read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, even if user delete SMS you will still get copy of SMS. All text messages are sent to your Spyera Spyphone web account. All languages supported.  You track all calls,  you will know every person located at the address book.  You can change device from time to time.  It also offers remote control administration to your apple device  from any computer in the world.
Price starts at 169USD - Best buy  259USD/yr    
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StealthGenie - This one has a unique SMS messaging spying feature.  Aside from reading text messages both incoming and outgoing it also send SMS alert to the trigger phone numbers.  You can also receive text message alert from text containing trigger words.  For example if you are spying about drugs you can specify cocaine, marijuana, pills etc.  You can also redirect SMS.  You can send text messages coming from the target phone to any phone as if the target send the SMS message.  Other features are monitor call history, view all contacts stored on the phone, view photos/videos, view bookmarks and internet browsing history, track real time location, view location history of the phone, backup and delete all sensitive data and a web based control panel where you can see all the activities of the phone.
Price starts at 59.99USD Best buy 99.99USD/yr
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From now on using the SMS spy software you want you can:

  • Protect your kids by tracking their SMS message
  • Save your relationship from another breakup
  • Manage and protect your business through tracking your employees SMS text message

See how happy the people who use it:

"I love this program it is working great and helping me monitor all the text messages from the monitored phone. I am trying to prevent pornography from getting to my childs phone." - Mike

As an owner of a courier service, time is truly money. After cutting back on all the expenses we could, it still wasn't enough-the company was in trouble. But after secretly installing Mobistealth on all of our courier cell phones, we discovered how much time they wasted on deliveries. Now that we know the truth thanks to your Software, our profits are up by more than 10%!
Ronald P.
Los Angeles, CA

"My only child has always been the reason of my existence. So, when he suddenly became sulky and moody, I got worried. I had heard stories about pill-pushers around the school. However, I was determinate not to let them get my claws on my son. That's why I installed SpyBubble on his phone. The moment one of them contacted him, I denounced him to the police. "
--Kaitlyn Wilson

I suspected my daughter of substance abuse. Unfortunately I had no proof of this. So I installed Stealth Genie on her phone and set up trigger words for her calls and SMS. These words were cocaine/coke, heroine, marijuana, dealer and a few more. My worst fears were confirmed a day after installing Stealth Genie on her phone. She was not only abusing drugs she was also selling them to other people. I thank Stealth Genie for informing me of this before she did something stupid under the influence of drugs. I immediately put her in a rehabilitation center to get her cleaned up. My daughter is now out of the rehab center and is back to being her carefree and happy self. I can’t thank Stealth Genie enough!
Martin Langston, Parent

I believe theie price is just right for the services you will get from them.  It is more cheaper than hiring a private investigator!


  • Child lying
  • Employees stealing
  • Cheating spouse

In my review above you can now different which cydia SMS message spy applications you want to use.  One application can track many phone, the other can remote control your device, the other one is cheapest of them all.  Each spy application has strong and weak points it is up to which you want.  What ever spy apps you choose, I'm sure you will get great results.

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