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Spy camera iphone

Do you know that you can have a spy camera for iPhone at an instant?  Yes you can be like a spy!  You can save pictures taken by  your iPhone and record it in a secure server for you to access it later.

Here the applications you could use and you can take advantage of these features:

1.  Spyphone - has the capability to record all pictures and videos taken on target iPhone device to your secure web account. You only need to log in to your web account and browse all pictures on target phone immediately. As soon as target iPhone user take a photos this program upload a copy of the picture to your account secretly, so even if target user delete it on the device you can see it on your web account.
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2.  Mobile spy - Videos and Photo tracking.  All pictures & videos taken by the phone are recorded & are viewable.
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3.  Spybubble - Photo tracking.  SpyBubble uploads all photos sent and received on the phone to a web server where you can view them.
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4.  Mobistealth -Picture Logging. Spy Mobile Phones to view every picture sent and received via your user account.
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The above spy camera for iPhone apps features can only be enjoyed if you already have a Jailbroken iPhone.  All of them are third party software.  If you do not want to jailbreak your iPhone you can still do a spy activities using the application below.

Spy camera iphone

5. SpyCam! - Diego - Have you ever wanted to record video with the iPhone without being discovered? ^ _ ^

Have you ever wanted to make recordings of the environment?

SpyCam will surprise you!

How? Easy ...

Spycam In application will display the image of
your CAM and the record button, clicking it will obviously start recording. At this point, we just did a double with two fingers on the touchscreen of the iPhone, so it fills the entire screen while still recording without the victim.
You just double our iPhone touch screen to return to the original vision of our CAM and save our videos.
SpyCam! - Diego

Spy camera iphone

6. Cam Viewer for SecuritySpy - Furnishing Industry Software House - Cam Viewer is a viewer for SecuritySpy camera that allows you to monitor security cameras configured using Ben Bird SecuritySpy software for Mac OS directly from your iPhone.

Cam Viewer for SecuritySpy lets you view an unlimited number of cameras from multiple servers in an arrangement SecuritySpy thumbnail, or zoom into individual devices for near real-time feed.

Configuration of the cameras is easy - just enter the details of a server and SecuritySpy Cam Viewer to retrieve all your cameras configured and add them to the application, without any difficulty.

Re-order or remove cameras to configure Cam Viewer to display cameras however you prefer - even cameras mixture of different servers on the same page of thumbnails.

You can control the refresh rate of your cameras, and view your camera in landscape or portrait depending on the orientation of your iPhone.

You can even take a snapshot of the camera being viewed and saved on your iPhone or iPod Photo Roll - perfect for monitoring activities in which you want to keep a copy of an image for future reference.
Cam Viewer for SecuritySpy - Furnishing Industry Software House

Spy camera iphone

7. Cam Viewer - Furnishing Industry Software House -Cam Viewer is a viewer Security cam designed to make it easy to view images from your IP security or web surveillance and security cameras.

Cam Viewer layout takes care of configuring the viewer for your camera brand and model specific. Simply specify the IP address of your camera and the connection details and Cam Viewer does the configuration for you.

Now updated to version 1.4, Cam Viewer supports controls for pan & tilt camera models selected, any number of cameras, a whole new interface, great new features including the ability to capture snapshots living and save them to your iPhone, and more!

Cam Viewer allows you to configure an unlimited number of cameras and see them all in a layout thumbnail, or zoom into individual devices for near real-time feed. You can control the refresh rate of your cameras, as well as displaying your camera in portrait or landscape. The thumbnail view shows 6 cameras at a time, just drag it across to reveal the next set of six cameras.

Cam Viewer can also be manually configured to access any jpg.,. Png or. Gif available on the Internet, you can see the weather radar, traffic, street cams and more.
Cam Viewer - Furnishing Industry Software House

These are great spy camera for iPhone you can choose from.  Which one do you like?

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