Monday, February 27, 2012

Is there an app that takes pictures of intruders?

Is there an app that takes pictures of intruders? YES! Using your iPhone you can save photo of snoopers and even intruders using these great applications.

If you want to control and take advantage of applications you could use third party software.  It allows you to extend great capability of your iPhone in one condition.  You need to Jailbreak first your iPhone.  See these applications below.

Spyera spy software -  allows you to record videos and take pictures of the targeted iPhone.  You can browse them in a secure server for further investigation.

Spy bubble spy app - allows you to secretly capture photos without any hint coming from the iPhone that they are being monitored.

Mobilespy  spy app - another great spy app that can help track every photo taken by the targeted iPhone.  You can browse them from a remote server where all the information stored.

Mobistealth spy app - this also a promising spy app out there in the market today.  You could also use this to spy on every photos and videos taken and record by the monitored iPhone.

If you don't want to Jailbreak your iPhone its ok because there are applications available at the app-store.  See those apps below.

Front Cam Alert Spy - Alice Dev Team - Record anyone who unlocks your iPhone4! Recommended alert system for iPhone 4.

0) Run Front Cam Alert Spy
1) Activate Front Cam Alert Spy
2) Secure your iPhone by pushing Wake/Sleep button.
3) Your iPhone will take take pictures of intruders or the first person who unlocks it.
4) That pictures will be record in internal Photo Album with "Alert Spy" watermark.
5) Unlocker will see a neutral message on black screen.
6) TAP TWICE to show the first application screen!

* In-application picture library to save and store intruder photos to keep them hidden and separate from a device’s normal photo library.
* In-application picture library password activate for added security.

ATTENTION: Application does not work in stealth mode! You must enable Front Cam Alert Spy before lock iPhone.
Front Cam Alert Spy - Alice Dev Team

Spy Camera - lawlmart - Have you ever wondered what happens when you're not around? Ever wanted to take a photo of someone without looking suspicious? Ever wanted to capture a time lapse video of anything you can point your phone? Now you can with SpyCam.

SpyCam uses the iPhone camera to take pictures at regular intervals, then allows you to quickly browse all the images and save the best (or most incriminating) to your personal photos.

Takes photos continuously or at intervals
Capture sessions espionage or time for hours
Quickly browse through your images captured
Save your application directly to photos on the iPhone

* Quick note: Spy Cam iPhone uses hard drive space to temporarily store photos, freeing this space when you exit the application.
Spy Camera - lawlmart

iSpyBot - Turn your device into the ultimate spy cam! - Dennis Nederlof - Turn your iPhone into the ultimate spy cam!

iSpyBot will take pictures with the iPhone camera at the specified interval, then save them in the photo album of the iPhone (for further analysis) and / or email them to the e-mail address .

Spy on family, friends, nannies, strangers, work colleagues or anyone you want. Have fun watching the potentially embarrassing things that you can catch in a photo.

A Gmail account with IMAP or POP enabled is required to use e-mail. If you do not, you can create a free account on

IMPORTANT: Be sure to set the ringer on your iPhone to vibrate when you use iSpyBot, or you shutter sound every time a picture is taken.
iSpyBot - Turn your device into the ultimate spy cam! - Dennis Nederlof

Now is there an app that takes pictures of intruders? Yes many.

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