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iPad 2 spyware software

You could find the latest iPad 2 spyware software here.  There many iPad spy apps out there in the market but you will find the most update application here.

iPad 2 spyware software

iPad 2 spy software apps. Your iPad must be jailbroken before you can install this application. You wont be able to install or download this spyware if the iPhone is not yet jailbroken. If you have not yet ’jail broken’ your iPhone, you can proceed here. This application currently support Apple iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPod Touch models running on spesific OS version. Just be sure that the iPhone has been jailbroken, and that you’re running the compatible OS listed below.

The current supported iOS is listed below check for your specific iOs:

  • OS 2.X = Spyphone Basic, Silver, Multimedia, and Gold editions
  • OS 3.X = Spyphone Basic, Silver, Multimedia, and Gold editions
  • iOS 4.X = Spyphone Basic, Silver, Multimedia, and Gold editions
  • iOS 5.0 = Spyphone Basic, and Multimedia editions
  • iOS 5.0.1 = Spyphone Basic, and Multimedia editions

iPad 2 spyware software

iSpy Cameras - SKJM, LLC -February 16, 2012 UPDATE: Added even more public cameras in the UK, Ireland, the United States, Austria and Italy! Keep those comments coming camera! :)

ISpy Cameras allows you to view and control thousands of public video cameras around the world in real time from your iPhone or iPod touch over WiFi, 3G, EDGE and.

Thank you for making iSpy Cameras one of the top paid applications in the world!

ISpy cameras was a # 1 Paid App in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Korea, and Croatia as well as the # 1 Paid App Entertainment Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.

ISpy cameras was also one of the top 10 paid apps Bestselling iPad entertainment of 2010!

Yes, cameras are all LIVE! Nothing is pre-recorded! Check out this thread in our discussion forum for our answers to some of the newer cameras iSpy comments:

We have thousands of cameras in our database, updated daily to remove any cameras that may have temporarily gone offline.

Quality new cameras are added every week! Press the "newest" to see the latest live cams!

To view the cameras from a certain area, press the "Search" tab. To request cameras from a specific area, please send us an e-mail or let us know in the discussion forum instead of asking a 1-star review. Thank you! :)
iSpy Cameras - SKJM, LLC

iPad 2 spyware software

Cell Phone Tracker Pro - Federal Bureau of Apps - Cell Phone Tracker Pro is a joke for entertainment purposes only.

 available for a LIMITED TIME
 For less than the U.S. price of a cheeseburger, you can own this app forever!

How this application works is to locate where your device is by using the integrated GPS. This joke has been tested and works fine. EX. You are at a friend and you enter their information, it will track your position, but the application will appear as if she found them, the reaction is priceless.

 Works on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

 available for a LIMITED TIME
 For less than the U.S. price of a cheeseburger, you can own this app forever!
Cell Phone Tracker Pro - Federal Bureau of Apps

iPad 2 spyware software

iCam - Webcam Video Streaming - SKJM, LLC - iCam allows you to remotely monitor multiple live video streaming webcam and audio from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch over WiFi, 3G and EDGE.

ICAM has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America and in addition to the "Dog Lover" iPhone TV Ad -

The most popular uses are baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, spy cam, and the security camera.  You could use this for iPad 2 as spyware software.

Recording and playback of motion events and receive push notifications to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad when motion is detected by your iCamSource (s) - Visit php for video demonstrations.

Please note that to use iCam you will also need to download free software from iCamSource

The software supports Windows iCamSource XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.4 and later.
iCam - Webcam Video Streaming - SKJM, LLC

iPad 2 spyware software

GadgetTrak - GadgetTrak - With all photos, contacts, applications and music on your iPhone, losing it would be a massive pain. Unfortunately, this pain is felt by thousands of smartphone users every day. The request they wish they had installed GadgetTrak.

When your device is missing, login to your account using any web browser and can be monitored immediately. GadgetTrak spring to life and generate reports tracking, including parts of the map, longitude and latitude and the IP address to help you locate your lost device. It can even take pictures of the thief!

For added security, enable the "Remove Apps" restriction in App Settings-> General-> Restrictions. This will keep the thief to remove GadgetTrak (and all other applications).
GadgetTrak - GadgetTrak

I hope you like all the iPad 2 spy apps!

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