Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FAQ Mobile Spy

Here are the Frequently Ask Question about Mobile spy.  These are common technical questions and answers you may like to know.

Mobile Spy does not work on my phone?Mobile Spy works on most smartphones that run on BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android or Symbian OS operating system. A partial list of compatible phones can be found here. In your phone must have Internet access to download logs.
Will users know Mobile Spy is installed or running?Mobile Spy uses the latest innovations in mobile monitoring to keep your monitoring safe and secure. There are no indications that Mobile Spy is running while it is active. The program has no entries in the user menu, and its files are extremely discreet. Best of all, when Mobile Spy is running, there is no entry for it in Task Manager. So it is your responsibility to inform all users they are being watched.
What are the basic steps for installation? / How do I create my account?No matter who you are smartphones, the first step to installing Mobile Spy is to create your online account. You can do it on your computer. Just go to the registration page and create your account by following the instructions on this page. After creating your account, go to the instructions page for any type of smartphone you have. For details about registration, see the User Guide.
I created my account. What's next?After creating your account, you should visit the installation instructions for your operating system here. It will detail how to install Mobile Spy directly to your phone you want to monitor.
I get a valid login message on my phone!You may have recently changed your password inside your Mobile Spy account. The phone must be told the password. If this is not the case then your trial period or subscribed period has expired.
Why not downloaded my GPS logs?GPS logs are saved in version 3.0 or higher on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian. Your device must have an integrated GPS receiver for GPS tracking to work. The locations are downloaded when the GPS signal is available. Mobile Spy can get a location only when the GPS receiver in the phone can receive a location. If no location can be found, then no data can be downloaded.
How do I change logging settings?For Windows Mobile and Symbian OS, you should open Mobile Spy on your phone using the secret key sequence. These instructions are for the default keystrokes you can change. Just dial # 123456789 * and wait until the login screen appears. The call disconnects. Then click Options and change the settings to meet your needs. Then, when finished, select Hide to hide the program. Note: The sequence of the Android version of default keys is # 12345 *, 54321 ** iPhone, and BlackBerry * is # 10001.
How do I change my Mobile Spy password?To change your password, first login to your account. Then click the "Change Password" link on the left menu. Enter your current password and new password twice to confirm. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do this, you must also change it on your phone. Otherwise Mobile Spy will display a message Invalid connection.
How long are my logs stored on the server?All logs are stored on our server Mobile Spy are subject to deletion after thirty (30) days.

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