Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cydia camera spy apps

All Cydia camera spy apps enhance your iPhone camera experience.  Aside from the old pose and shoot ways,  you can have more enhancement using these applications.

After you Jailbreak your iPhone you want more from your phone.  The reason why it is jailbroken is because you want to go to another level in using camera.  Look for the application below and see which will work for you.

Mobistealth spy apps -  It allows you to save pictures both erased and save photos.  All of the photos were saved in a secure server for you to browse later.

Spybubble spy apps-  Secretly records photos of the target iPhone or phone.  Pictures are automatically save from an online server computer for later viewing.

Mobilespy tools - Photo and Video Monitoring.  It let you records pictures and videos taken by the phone.  You can view all Photos taken by the phone. Watch Videos recorded by the phone

Spyera spy phone app -Monitor Photos Taken. Spyphone has a capability to upload every pictures taken on target device to your secure web account. You just need to login to your web account and  you can see all photes on target in the nick of time. As soon as target phone user take a photo this software save and upload a copy of the photo to your web account secretly, so even if target user intentionally delete it on the device you can see it on your web account.

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