Monday, February 27, 2012

Best iPhone eavesdropping app

If you are looking for the best iPhone eavesdropping app then this is for you.  These are for me the most reputable iPhone spy apps out in the market today.  They support all iOs and has support for the latest iPad 2.

Spyera spy software apps - This spyware has a capability called Call Interception.  Through this feature you can listen in to live calls happening on the target device. You can receive a secret SMS alert whenever your list of specific numbers are in contact with the target, or you can choose to be alerted for all connecting calls. If you then call the target mobile, you will be added to the live call.  Another benefits you can get from this apps is you can Spy Call. Make a spy call to the target phone running spyware software and listen to the phones surroundings. This is not the same as patching into live calls (Intercept Call), but will turn the phone into a remote bugging device (conversations in the room, etc).  This nice application has also a feature called Read Messenger Chat.  It allows you toRead messenger chat logs in both side even if deleted or setted “Don’t Save History”. On Blackberry devices read BBM, on iPhone and Android read Whats App messages. This is the only company that can capture BBM even if the settings is “Save History: Never” All languages supported.

Mobile spy app - This application let you monitor every call made by the target phone.  They call it "Call Monitoring".  It will record all inbound and outbound phone calls.  You will all the dialed number, number of caller, date / duration of call and call direction.

Spy bubble spy app -  This spy software help you logs every numbers from every outgoing and incoming call.  You can see the total number the call was made to, the number the call was made from, what time the calls took place, and the duration of the calls
Wait there is even more... if a name has been assigned to the phone's memory you'll be able to see who it is... meaning you won't need to call a number to find out who it is! 
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Mobistealth spy app - This is another best iPhone eavesdropping app.  This software allow you to record every call made by the target phone. Call Recording. Mobistealth secretly makes a recording of every call that you can later listen to on your user account.  It will save all the details every call made or received.  It can record also background sound.Surround Recording.
Mobistealth allows you to remotely activate and record the surroundings of target cell phone and listen to any recorded conversations on your account.

For me these are best spy apps for eavesdropping.

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