Monday, September 19, 2011

Why do you need to Jailbreak iPhone and iPad?

If you will notice before you will be able to use spy app like SpyEra Software you need to jailbreak first your iPhone or iPad. I will explain today what is Jailbreak and why do we have to do it be able to run spy apps.


jailbreak iPhone or iPad

Jailbreaking simply allows you to install software from third party sources other than the Apple App Store.Jailbreaking controlled is a software change and does not modify the hardware in any way. Jailbreaking is not the same as "release" or openline, which refers to a different process.

The phone can still be restore to factory default, the plant (store bought) can bring back the condition at any time simply by plugging it into iTunes and doing a standard upgrade or reformat of iOS. It always restores the entire phone to the default condition.

The only thing that Jailbreaking an iPhone will allow to install software (the phone) from sources outside the Apple App Store controlled like the Spyeara software. He does not report to iTunes as jailbroken, or affect all other differences. You can plug it into iTunes and go right on using iTunes and the phone in the same way as before. Nothing noticeable changes happened.

If Apple releases an update of the iPhone OS, you will get a popup notice when you connect the phone to iTunes, asking if you want to upgrade. If you say yes, the phone is reformatted with the day (official) version of the iOS. This means you'll need to re-jailbreak, and all applications must be reinstalled, but that is true every time a phone is reformatted for any reason. Jailbreaking does not interfere with iTunes and the state of jailbreak is functionally invisible.

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