Saturday, September 24, 2011

SpyBubble Frequently Ask Questions FAQ

Here are the most Frequently ask questions about Spybubble.

Does SpyBubble work in my country?

Yes, SpyBubble works worldwide if the target phone has An active data or internet plan.

Does SpyBubble work with my carrier?

Yes, SpyBubble works with ANY carrier as long as the phone model of the target phone is compatible with SpyBubble and phone has unrestricted internet access.

SpyBubble stopped working suddenly today

If SpyBubble was working fine and suddenly stopped working, there may be various reasons:

Internet is not working on the target phone.
There are no such activities.
The phone is Switched off.
The app was removed by the owner of target phone.

If any of the above case is valid, you can restart the target phone, it will start the spybubble service again on target phone.

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