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Best iPhone spy software

Here are the best iPhone spy software that you may like to install on your iPhone.

Front Cam Alert Spy - Alice Dev Team

0) START Front Cam Alert Spy
1) ENABLE Front Cam Alert Spy
2) LOCK your iPhone by pushing Wake/Sleep button.
3) Your iPhone will take photo of the first person who unlocks it.
4) That photo will be saved in internal Photo Album with "Alert Spy" watermark.
5) Unlocker will see a neutral message on black screen.
6) TAP TWICE to show the first application screen!

* In-app photo library to save and store intruder photos to keep them hidden and separate from a device’s normal photo library.
* In-app photo library password enabled for added security.

ATTENTION: App does not work in the background! You must run Front Cam Alert Spy before lock iPhone.

Front Cam Alert Spy is developed by Alice Dev Team.

Spy Cams Pro -

-The good news: Spy Cams Added 2756 new camera in March 5, cheers!

This the Spy Cams Full Version and no ads.

Around the world, real-time camera. Look at the scenery, watching the beach, and a 24-hour free of charge.

More than 150,000 visitors a day!!!

Spy Kit - Criswar Productions Inc.

-The kit is divided into four sections: Intel, Surveillance, Tools, and HUMINT.

Intel apps allow you to gather information from the most trusted and expert intelligence services in the world. They include:

WikiLeaks -- Monitor new WikiLeaks activities and developments.

FBI Most Wanted -- Get the most up-to-date list of the FBI's most wanted. Select an entry to get details on the most dangerous criminals in the world.

News -- Read news feeds from actual intelligence agencies: the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and MI-5.

Surveillance apps let you make covert recordings and observations in the field. You can gather photographic and audio evidence. Surveillance apps include:

Bug -- Turn your phone into a recording device that will trigger on sound and motion. Bug allows you to record anywhere without letting anyone know.

Covert Cam -- Take pictures periodically while the the screen is blacked out. Hold your phone in an inconspicuous manner (e.g., pretend to be speaking on the phone) and Covert Cam will snap pictures for you periodically.

Intruder Alert -- Sound off the alarm of your choice when your device detects motion and/or sound. Nobody will be able to handle your phone without being detected. Intruder alert can even detect intruders at a distance.

Stealth Camera -- Take a picture whenever your device detects motion and/or sound. Keep an eye on any area you want with a photo log.

Spy Tools help you carry out operations. They include:

Covert Call -- Have your phone make a call to a designated phone number of your choice when the phone detects motion and/or sound. Great for signaling someone or making contact anonymously.

Flashlight -- turn your phone into a light source.

Voice Disguise -- Record a 5 second message and then modify the voice so that no one will recognize your voice. Make sure your messages do not reveal your identity.

Zoom Camera -- Zoom in on distant evidence to get a closer look, and take a photo of what you found.

HUMINT are Human Intelligence tools that help to manipulate or control others. There are two HUMINT tools:

Sonic Mace -- Touch the screen to interactively generate a shrill pitch to ward off your adversary. Slide finger right to make it louder and left to make it softer. Slide finger up to increase shrill and down to decrease shrill.

Pacifier -- Create a strobe effect on your phone's screen that may help calm a subject. You can use this tool on yourself to help stay calm during a tight situation, or on someone else to keep things calm.

Diversion -- Play a variety of powerful sounds to detract or intimidate your advisory with a sonic attack/effect that works off of a timer.

Top Secret Audio Recorder - Top Rated Spy Apps

-Record conversations, meetings, lectures, and more even when you’re not in the room! Schedule recordings with the advanced sound detection feature to avoid recording long periods of silence. Secure your top secret recordings with a passcode!

You can also record after putting your phone into sleep mode. Even if someone touches your iPhone while it’s recording to “awaken” the screen, they’ll immediately be prompted to input your security code. When you want an audio recorder that would make James Bond envious, look no further than Top Secret Audio.


• Store your recordings in a private password protected secret vault
• Specify start and stop times for recordings with the scheduler
• Record always or only when sound is detected
• Capture and flip between your own custom backgrounds or built-in backgrounds
• Toolbar can be easily closed & hidden
• Easily start and stop recordings by tapping anywhere on the screen
• Play back, pause, fast forward, and rewind recordings.
• E-mail recordings to yourself or to others.
• Discretely installed as TSA to avoid undue attention
• Copy recordings to computer via iTunes
• Unlimited recording time

Operational Uses

• Record conversations when you’re in or out of the room.
• Did they really like you or your ideas or were they just being polite?
• Always have proof of key conversations “just in case.”
• Record a meeting or lecture so that you can transcribe it later
• Pretend to be a secret agent, play a practical joke or impress a friend
• Requirements: Any iPhone with OS 3.0 or higher or iPod 2nd generation and newer with a microphone attachment.

• Spy • - PocketLab

-Spy is an app which enhances your hearing, allowing you to hear things you normally wouldn't be able to hear. Plug in a pair of earbuds and use the mic in your iPhone or iPod 4 (or on the cord of your Apple earbuds) to listen to the world at a level of detail you have never experienced before.

The secret: Spy contains a built-in audio compressor which automatically boosts the volume of soft sounds, allowing you to hear small sonic details that you otherwise wouldn't be able to hear.

This artificially enhanced dynamic range is useful for a number of activities:
• Eavesdropping on people from across the room
• Understanding low-talkers and whisperers
• Hearing better in noisy listening environments
• Listening to the TV from across the room without having to turn the volume up
• Birdwatching :-)

• Audio Compressor automatically boosts the volume of soft sounds
• Tap the screen to hide everything and make the screen completely black, so no one will know you're listening

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