Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iPhone spy app free

You will find iPhone spy app free reviews here. You can differentiate the various spy app and from there decide which applications you want for your business or home use.

iphone spy app free

The list are not ordered by popularity:

1. SPYERA software spy app - This company produce competitive spy app for consumers. They made different kinds of spy applications. These are
 Spyphone basic internet, Spyphone gold sms, Spyphone silver internet, Spyhone gold internet and Spyphone multimedia edition.

 Retina X Studios - This company made great spy apps as well. Their applications are divided into 3 Categories. Mobile Phone tracking which is used for monitoring mobile phone. Mobile Spy and PhoneSheriff are the two spy apps they created for this category.

Second category is Home and office monitoring. Specially useful in sypying the data coming in and out of any computer from your home. This is best for parents monitoring any family member doing their computers. Which website they are visiting and who are they chatting and many more!

Finally is corporporte Networking. This application is use to monitor large company who utilize computers in their business. You can monitor many computers using this application.

 Spybubble - This application is also one of the most popular spy app in the market. Just like any spy for mobile this app supports sms tracking, call tracking, phonebook access,gps location, email tracking, url tracking, and photo tracking.

 MobiStealth - This is another feature rich applications useful for anyone. You can monitor every mobile device using this application. It can be use by parents and businessman as well. Parents to monitor their kids and protect them from bad influence. Busineman to monitor their employees and optimize how they use their service mobile phone.

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